Speakeasy! evening party program

The sparkling performances of Nita Saarenpää and Maristola Valois are sure to fill the evening party stage with glitter and glamour! Nita Saarenpää who is rather known exotic pole dance instructor, competitive dancer and a performer all over Finland  has promised us a “flamingly hot dance of seduction”. Our returning performer, most lovely and wicked Maristola Valois represents the … Continue reading Speakeasy! evening party program

Vaskilintu concert at the evening party

Fun at Witches' Follies will continue late at night! Our extravagant evening soirée at the Vanajanlinna speakeasy is full of magical performances. Vaskilintu is Magdalena Mölsä and she will lead you to a spellbinding journey of myths and mystical landscapes through her powerful music.  Vaskilintu  is inspired by the healing therapeutic aspects of ceremonial music, and she … Continue reading Vaskilintu concert at the evening party

Book a Busride for Witches’ Follies

Book the frilliest busride now! The Witches’ Follies bus will take you to Vanajanlinna from Helsinki city center or Hämeenlinna city center. Estimated prices for a round trip: Helsinki-Vanajanlinna bus is 22€ Hämeenlinna center-Vanajanlinna bus is 8€ Book your trip before 4.10.2019 by email (marketing.hellocon@gmail.com): -Your name and the names of your friends if you … Continue reading Book a Busride for Witches’ Follies

Tea party menu

Is it still too early to get into a tea party mood? Because seeing our delicious tea party menu for Witches' Follies definitely made us wish October was closer! Onko jo liian aikaista virittäytyä teekutsu -tunnelmaan? Teekutsumenumme Witches' Follies -teekutsuja varten sai ainakin meidät toivomaan, että lokakuu olisi lähempänä!


Next we would like to introduce the stunning venue of Witches’ Follies: Vanajanlinna The story of Vanajanlinna dates back to middle ages to the estate of Äikäälä. Carl Wilhelm Rosenlew, who bought the estate in 1918, had a dream of a castle for hunting and so the building of the main building of Vanajanlinna was started in 1919. The building was designed by Sigurd Frosterus and it embodies the trends of the era: baroque, … Continue reading Vanajanlinna