Keijujen karkeloissa täytyy olla valoa ja harmoniaa, joka rakentaa juhlijoille heidän arvoisensa puitteet. Haemme sitä uusrenessanssia edustavasta Vanhasta Ylioppilastalosta, joka on Labyrint of Dreams -tapahtuman pääareena lauantaina 23.9.2023. Vanha Ylioppilastalo sijaitsee aivan Helsingin sydämessä alle 300 m päässä Helsingin päärautatieasemasta.

Päätös Vanhan Ylioppilastalon rakentamisesta tehtiin vuonna 1868, ja se rakennettiin ylioppilaiden kokoontumisia, tapaamisia ja tietenkin juhlia varten. Rakennus vihittiin käyttöön 1870 ja tunnettiin vain Ylioppilastalona vuoteen 1910 asti. Silloin se oli jäänyt pieneksi kasvaneelle ylioppilaiden määrälle, sillä yliopistossa opiskelu oli yleistynyt. Siitä saakka talo on tunnettu Vanhana Ylioppilastalona, joskaan juhlat eivät ole koskaan jättäneet sitä.

Monien merkittävien juhlien lisäksi Vanha Ylioppilastalo tunnetaan kulttuurihistoriallisesti tärkeänä taidekohteena, sillä monet suomalaisen taiteen kultakauden maalaukset ja veistokset koristavat rakennusta. Nostamme esille Akseli Gallen-Kallelan Kullevon sotaanlähdön, joka sijaitsee talon musiikkisalissa. Sama vaikuttava sali maalauksineen on Labyrinth of Dreams -tapahtuman luento- ja pajatila, joten suosittelemme varauksetta varaamaan myös niille aikaa kuten muullekin rakennuksen taiteelle.

Lue lisää Vanhan Ylioppilastalon kiinnostavasta historiasta heidän nettisivuiltaan.

The intricate soirée and dance of the fae folk demands both light and harmony, which not only compliments the ethereal nature of these enchanting beings but also accentuates their regal disposition. We have aspired to recreate these very important aspects and requirements for a most regal fae fete with the stunning venue of The Old Student House; a jewel within Renaissance Revival architecture. This most majestic venue will serve as the mainstage for the Labyrinth of Dreams event on Saturday 23.9.2023, and is most conveniently located in the heart of Helsinki; less than 300m walk from the Helsinki Central Railway Station.

The plans for building the Old Student House were submitted in 1868, and the building itself was created and constructed to host students; their meetings and get-togethers, as well as parties and revelries. It became thus an integral part not only of the academic and intellectual community of the capital region, but also a decisive part of the urban landscape of 19th century Helsinki. 

The house was inaugurated in 1870, and became known simply as the Student House until 1910, when it was deemed incapable of hosting the rapidly growing number of students emboldened by the normalisation of university studies – previously a prerogative of only the rich elite. Despite larger and more prestigious parties being furthermore hosted elsewhere, the Old Student House retained its name to celebrate the notion that the revelries never truly left its grounds, and that it is still, to this very day, regarded as a distinguished party venue.

Additionally to being the location of many prestigious parties and banquets, the Old Student House is renowned as an intrinsic part of Finnish cultural history and art heritage, as the paintings and sculptures of many a famous Finnish painter and artist from the Golden Age of Finnish Art (ca 1880-1910) adorns the building. 

Among these we cannot omit to mention painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela‘s Kullervo Sets Off for War, which is located in the music hall. This same, impressive hall with its imposing paintings will function as the space for lectures and workshops during the Labyrinth of Dreams event, which is why we suggest you, revered guests and weary travellers, to set aside some time to enjoy these beautiful paintings as much as any other art displayed at this venue. 

Become further acquainted with the fascinating history of the Old Student House at the venue’s own website.

We most cordially await your presence and alluring brilliance at this location suited for even the most regal of fae folk!

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