Turku tunnetaan Suomen ravintolapääkaupukina, eikä suotta! Kaupungista löytyy paljon tasokkaita ravintoloita, jotka tarjoavat jotakin kullekin syöjälle, eli nälkää ei tarvitse missään tapauksessa nähdä. 

Kahvilakulttuuri elää ja voi hyvin täällä – kaupungista löytyy tuttuja ja turvallisia ketjukahviloita, mutta myös pieniä, itsenäisiä tekijöitä on vino pino! Alta löydät lyhyen listan paikoista, missä voit syödä itsesi ihastuksiin. Kaupan päälle parit baarit listan häntäpäässä. Hyvää ruokahalua!

Turku is renowned as the restaurant capital of Finland and there is good reason for that! There are high quality restaurants all around town, which guarantees there’s something for every eater. You need not feel hungry at any point.

The café culture downright flourishes in the city — from familiar chains to small, independent entrepreneurs, you’re sure to find yourself a new favourite! Below is a short list of delicious venues where you can eat, drink and be merry. A few bars are also listed at the tail-end. Happy eating!

Pikaruoka / Fast Food

VG Wok

Linnankatu 11 b, Turku & Arvinkatu 10, Turku.

Thaimaalaista ja vietnamilaista kasvis- ja vegaaniruokaa. Maukkaat ja isot annokset edullisesti. Tämä perheravintola sijaitsee useammassa paikassa Turussa.

Vegetarian & vegan Thai and Vietnamese food. Delicious and big servings, low price tag. This family restaurant has a couple of locations in Turku.

Taco Nito

Aurakatu 3, Turku.

Haluatko nachoja? Tai todella hyviä burritoja? Valitse siis Taco Nito! P.S. Guacamole on todella hyvää. Kasvisruokavaihtoehtoja on saatavilla.

Want nachos? Or a really good burrito? Taco Nito is where you want to go! PS. The guacamole is to die for. Vegetarian options available. 


Eerikinkatu 15, Turku.

Kun saavut Turkuun, unohda McDonald’s. Hesburger tyydyttää hampurilaishimon.

Pikaruokaketjulla on Turussa useampi ravintola, joista kaikista eniten kaupungin ytimessä sijaitsee Hansan ostoskeskuksessa.

When you arrive in Turku, forget McD’s. Hesburger is here to help you with your fast-food burger cravings.

Multiple locations are all over town, the most central one is at Hansa shopping centre.

Lounas, päivällinen ja kahvilat /
Lunch, Dinner & Cafés

Kahvila Oksi

Sairashuoneenkatu 8, Turku.

Virkistävä lisäys Turun ruokavalikoimassa on uusi gluteeniton ja maidoton Kahvila Oksi! Kahvila sijaitsee lyhyen kävelymatkan päässä keskustasta, ja tarjoilee ekologisia ja GMO-vapaita kauden herkkuja.

A delightful new gluten and dairy free café in the Turku food scene! Located a short walk from the city centre, Oksi serves seasonal foods which are ecological and GMO-free.

Bean Bar

Eerikinkatu 15, Turku.

Kaipaatko todella hyvää kupillista kahvia tai tajuttoman hyvää matcha lattea? Bean Bar tarjoilee lounaita ja käsintehtyä suklaata. Vegaanisia ruokavaihtoehtoja saatavilla.

Want a really good cup of coffee or a heckin amazing matcha latte? Bean Bar serves light lunches and delightful handmade chocolates. Vegan options available.

Café Qwensel

Café Qwensel on Turun piilotettu helmi. Kahvila sijaitsee 1700-luvun vanhassa säätyläistalon keittiössä, ja tarjoilee kahvia, kakkua ja muita paikanpäällä tehtyjä herkkuja. Täällä on pakko käydä!

Läntinen Rantakatu 13B, Turku, sisäänkäynti sisäpihalla Apteekkimuseon ja Qwenselin talon vieressä.

Café Qwensel is the hidden gem of Turku. Located in the old kitchen of an 18th century gentry household, Café Qwensel serves coffee, cake and other goodies made on site. This place is a must!

Läntinen Rantakatu 13B, Turku, in the inner courtyard next to the Pharmacy museum & Qwensel house.

Café Art

Läntinen Rantakatu 5, Turku.

Jo seitsemän vuotta putkeen Vuoden barista -tittelin ansainnut Café Artissa on taidetta, kahvia, lounasta ja pariisilainen tunnelma, aivan Aura-joen vieressä.

Honoured with the title Best Barista seven years in a row, Café Art has art, coffee, lunch and a chic Parisian atmosphere next to the Aura river.


Brahenkatu 5, Turku.

Jos pidät kuplateestä, suuntaa Bokacháan — ja jos uskallat, kokeille myös juustoteetä! Crepe-kakkuja, chia vanukkaita ja runsaasti muita makeisia. Vegaanisia ruokavaihtoehtoja saatavilla.

If you like bubble tea, Bokachá is where you want to go and if you’re daring, try their cheese teas too! Crepe cakes, chia puddings and other sweet things aplenty. Vegan options available.

Gaggui Kaffela

Humalistonkatu 15A, Turku.

Jos rakastat kakkuja, sinun on käytävä Gaggui Kaffelassa. Kahvila sijaitsee 10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä keskustasta ja tarjoilee paikanpäällä leivottuja kakkuja, lounasta ja monipuolisen tee- ja kahvivalikoiman. Koirat ovat tervetulleita! Vegaanisia ruokavaihtoehtoja saatavilla.

Gaggui Kaffela is a must if you love cakes. Located about 10 minutes from the city centre, by foot, Gaggui serves a selection of on site made cakes, lunch and great teas and coffee. Dogs are welcome! Vegan options available.

Yasukon keittiö

Kuin söisit mummosi luona. Keittiön omistaja Yasuko-san toivottaa sinut tervetulleeksi nauttimaan japanilaisesta kotiruuasta, joka maustuu ilolle. Kasvis- ja joitain vegaaniruokavaihtoehtoja saatavilla.

Yliopistonkatu 26 C, toinen kerros, Turku.

Like eating at your grandma’s place. Owner Yasuko-san welcomes you to enjoy Japanese home-cooking that tastes like happiness. Vegetarian and some vegan options available.

Yliopistonkatu 26 C, 2nd floor, Turku.


Läntinen Rantakatu 9, Turku.

Located on what’s locally referred to the Parisian strait in Turku, is Tintå. If you love a good glass of wine, this is the place! Tintå serves lunch and dinner ranging from pizzas to hearty salads right next to the river.

Svarte Rudolf

Itäinen Rantakatu 13, Turku, Aura river.

Svarte Rudolf is a restaurant ship on the Aura river. Originally a Dutch steam ship, it has been transformed into a restaurant focusing on Nordic cuisine, with the option of dining inside or out on deck.


Kristiinankatu 9, Turku.

Rioni is a cosy restaurant serving authentic Georgian food and wine. The restaurant became popular immediately after it opened, so booking a table is a good idea, especially in the evenings and during weekends. Vegan and vegetarian options available.


Aurakatu 1, Turku.

A popular meeting spot in the centre of town, where you can relax with your friends with a cup of coffee and cake, or why not a drink over dinner? Vegan and vegetarian options available.


Linnankatu 1, Turku.

If Mediterranean food is your thing, Gustavo is where you want to be. A special shout out goes to their pizzas, they are really, really good. Some vegetarian options available.

Fine Dining


Kaskenkatu 6 a, Turku.

Kaskis has won best restaurant in Turku multiple years in a row and is extremely popular. They serve group meals, tailored according to your dietary needs. Make sure to book well in advance, getting a table in the same week might be difficult!


Läntinen Rantakatu 3, Turku. Look down when you’re searching for the restaurant.

Sneakily hidden downstairs in a cellar is Smör, a restaurant focusing on Nordic cuisine of the best quality. The menu changes according to what’s in season. They have the options of set menus and à la carte. 

Karu Izakaya

Aurakatu 3, Turku.

Izakaya and fine dining doesn’t sound like they go together, but Karu does it anyway. Relaxed and easy, without forgetting delicious, Karu is a big favourite in Turku. Our tip: Ask your waiter for specials, you won’t regret it. Additional tip: try their ‘Magic Roll’ maki sushi, it truly is magical. Vegan and vegetarian options a plenty.

Kakolan Ruusu

Graniittilinnankatu 2, Turku. Take the funicular or walk up the hill! Great views await you.

Located in the old prison complex, restaurant Kakolan Ruusu serves delicious foods in the old cells which previously held criminals. Despite its dreary history, the restaurant is cosy and makes you want to stay the entire night. The drinks are delicious too but be brave and try out the restaurant’s own brewery products! We recommend booking a table in advance.

E. Ekblom

Läntinen Rantakatu 3, Turku.

Seasonal cooking with fun surprises. Dinner is served downstairs in an intimate cellar setting, with menus that change every week according to the tastes of the chef. We recommend the three-course menu!

Baarit / Bars

Hunter’s Inn

Brahenkatu 3, Turku.

Heidän sanojensa mukaisesti olutravintola, jossa tarjolla yli 60 olutvaihtoehtoa. Saatavilla myös naposteltavaa.

In their own words – a beer restaurant with over 60 varieties of beer to choose form. Snacks also available.


Humalistonkatu 7, Turku.

Architecture fans will be happy to know that this restaurant is named after Alvar Aalto, who also designed the building the bar is housed in. Beer and tabletop games for a fun night out.


Eerikinkatu 18, Turku.

An old school building, the menu in the bar and restaurant are inspired by its rich history. Downstairs you find a bar, upstairs a restaurant. Try their beers and ciders from their own brewery!

Bar Ö

Linnankatu 7, Turku.

A relatively new establishment in Turku, but a fun place to have a drink, eat tapas, listen to a DJ, watch an obscure cult classic film or see a band perform. They call themselves the smoothest in town.


Linnankatu 17, Turku.

A fun place with DJs, board games and a relaxed atmosphere. All Kuka’s events are free of charge, so you can join in on the fun at any time.


Kristiinankatu 4, Turku.

A drink bar that specialises in making amazing beverages from fresh ingredients.

Social club Fredrik

Linnankatu 18, Turku.

Good drinks, fun funky music and good friends – that’s what Fredrik is about. Located in a former bank, the decor is opulent, but the feeling relaxed. Hellocon recommends this joint!

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